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Aquascape Installation Tools

Pond Seaming Supplies   Oase Pond Vacuums  UV Replacement Lamps

aquascape products

Aquascape Installation Tools

Silicone Sealant

Used for sealing joints where liner attaches to the Biofalls® filter snout and the skimmer faceplate.

# 22010 Fish Safe Black Silicone Sealant 4.7 oz  $9.98



Liner Patch

6 in. self-adhesive water-tight patch that seals accidental holes in the liner

#22018 Liner Patch $9.98



Black Waterfall Foam

Aquascape™ waterfall foam is easy to use for the beginner of do-it-yourselfer. Convienient and economical for the quick touch-up or larger project.

#21053 Black Waterfall Foam 16 oz $17.99



aquascape products

Pond Seaming Supplies

3" tape $3.00 per foot - please contact Dave for your custom order

RST325 Splice Tape 3x25'  $49.98 


RST3100 Splice Tape 3x100' $159.98


RCT625 6x25 Cover Tape $139.98


RCT6100 6x100 Cover Tap $489.98



RSP Seam Prep 16 oz $22.98


RLS Lap Sealant, Tube $21.99



RTB10 Termination Bar 10Ft $19.99


RERK EPDM Repair Kit $34.98




Pond Vacuums

Pondovac 3

OAS37230  Pondovac 3 $799.98


Keeping the pond floor clean and free of unsightly floor sediment, sludge, and plant debris is necessary and, unfortunately, it is often quite tiresome. With the OASE Pondovac 3 this is no longer the case. The desire at OASE is that pond owners can handle the necessary pond chores as quickly and easily as possible.

The next generation of OASE Pond Vacuums allow the pond to be vacuumed continously. This is accomplished by means of the two-chamber system. Two identically sized cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles. If one container is full, a valve is mechanically activated by a float. This triggers emptying of one chamber while the other is being filled. This allows pond vacuuming and emptying of the container to occur at the the same time. The result is a product that pond owners will love. It saves precious time, facilitates pond cleaning and guarantees a perfect result.

The OASE Pondovac 3 can remove dirt particles up to 3/8" in diameter, such as algae, silt, dead plants and decomposed leaves. The debris that is collected can be spread directly over the garden as fertilizer for plants through the discharge hose. An integrated check valve prevents sludge from returning to the pond.

Unique two-chamber system allows pond to be vacuumed continuously. Built-in wheels allow for easy movement and transportation. Includes a special string algae nozzle, a wide nozzle with a rubber tip, a crevice tool and a floor nozzle.  Includes a vacuum tube extension, as well as a debris collection bag for the water return.  Ideally suited for wet vacuum applications in the household .


UV Replacement Lamps

UV Bulbs should be replaced once every 12 months of operating time.  After 1 year bulb may still be lit but not producing enough UV to affect the algae.

4 Prong Single End UV Single Tube

18 watts #02218 $89.99


25 watts #02025 $92.99


40 watts #02040 $109.99


65 watts #02065 $165.99


80 watts #025080 $129.99


120 watts #025120 $169.99


150 watts #025150 $189.99


2 Prong Double UV Tube

9 watts PAQFPUV,UV-HT  #FO/RBUV9W  $52.99


13 watts BIO-50 #FO/RBUV13W $64.99



4 Prong Double UV Tube

18 watts Bitron 18C #FPRBIV18W $72.99


24 watts Bitron 24C BIO-100 UV-H24  #FORBUV24W $86.99


36 watts Bitron 36C, 72C  #FO/RBUV36W  $89.99

(72 requires 2 bulbs)


55 Watts Bitron 55,110 #FORBUV55W $119.99



aquascape products Replacement Parts

  • 9 Watt UV Bulb with Ballast #99078  $67.99
  • 24 Watt UV Bulb with Ballast #99076  $74.99