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Skimers & Bio Falls

Why spend hours removing debris from your pond? 

Pond surface skimmers remove unwanted debris, including protein film, from the surface of the pond before it has time to sink - reducing unnecessary maintenance. These filters feature large removable debris nets that all for quick and easy maintenance. 


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#99771 MicroSkim $239.99



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PondSweep skimmers are large enough to tackle ponds up to 1200 sq ft. of surface area making it a great choice for larger ponds. The patented skimmer bellows creates suction on the surface of the pond keeping the pond surface clear from debris.  includes an east-to-clen filter mat reducing filter maintenance.


#00250 PondSweep SK700Pro Skimmer $519.99


#00900 PondSweep SK900Pro Skimmer $639.98






aquascape.jpg - 54069 Bytes  Aquascape Biofalls 

Biological Waterfall System provides complete mechanical and biological filtration. 

Easy to install and maintain, these are the best-selling waterfall filters in the world.  This system requires cleaning only once per year. 

These filters can be buried in the ground to create the beginning of a stream or raised to create the start of a waterfall.

#99774MicroFalls Filter $239.99






#98285 MicroFalls Rock Tray $55.98









#99294 UltraFalls Filter $419.99


#99297 MegaFalls Filter $849.99



Skimmer Replacement Parts

PondSweep 2" Bottom Sweep Kit #40200  $115.99


MicroSkim Brush Set  #99772  $47.98


MicroSkim Brush Set (Old Style) #99218  $45.98


MicroSkim Debris Net # 99775  $39.98


MicroSkim Debris Net (Old Style) #99219 $35.98


MicroSkim Replacement Rod  #99869  $9.99


UltraSkim Brush Set  #99302  $47.98


UltraSkim Debris Net  #99301  $39.98


Bio Falls Accessories Replacement Parts

BioFalls Media Net #29069  $19.53


MegaFalls Filter Mat #99298  $50.98



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Pond Skimmer/Pump Vault: Pondmaster Proline Pump Vault

Easily create a pondless waterfall in your garden with the Pondmaster ProLine Pump Vault. The vault houses your submersible pump, while protecting it from dirt and rocks. The horizontal slats throughout the vault allow water to enter, keeping the pump submerged, but prevent dirt and debris from clogging the pump. The vault should be placed in a hole that has been lined with pond liner and can be filled with water and gravel.

The 1.5" diameter hole allows tubing to run from the pump to the top of the waterfall without altering the unit. A small notch above the tubing outlet enables you to thread the pump's cord through the vault while keeping the lid on tightly. This vault's innovative design accommodates horizontal or vertical pumps, and the sturdy construction will last for many years. Add a waterfall to your garden without creating a pond using this ProLine Pump Vault. One year limited warranty.

#02465 PRO 2000 Pump Vault  $ 299.00



Mini Pump Vault
Pump Compartment Dimensions: 13"L x 13"W x 14"H
Overall Dimensions: 15.25"L x 15"W x 15.5"H
Max Pump Flow: 1800 gph
Outlet: 1.5"



The Savio PondFree Waterfall Well™

Simplifies the construction and maintenance of vanishing waterfalls and ‘endless’ streams. Patent-pending design protects expensive pump equipment from the crushing forces of rock and water with a structurally tough, injection-molded housing that's the strongest on the market. Durable snap-fit enclosure is easy to assemble and contains no moving parts. Its wide mouth means easy access to pump and plumbing. Multiple uses for irrigation, drainage, and lift-pump applications. The Pond Free™ Waterfall Well™ handles pump flows up to 15, 000 GPH. *Submersible pump not included.



# WW1000  Savio Waterfall Well $299.00






#K6001 Savio Waterfall Well Extension $64.99





Skimmer Filter & Compact Skimmer Filter

Undoubtedly the hardest working gardening product in your pond, the Savio Skimmerfilter® dramatically reduces pond maintenance while blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Combining four types of filtration for superior pond water clarity - its all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment. All four systems work in harmony, in one easy-to-install unit that saves you time and money.

UV Filtration - Savio Skimmerfilters® are the only skimmers on the market with a patented integrated UV system (sold separately) - a safe, chemical free way to eliminate green water.

Skimming Action - Pulls debris from the surface of the water, capturing in a rigid leaf basket with handle for clean, no mess disposal

Biological Filtration - Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize the skimmerfilter, converting biological waste from fish, ammonia and other toxins to inert forms for healthier ponds.

Mechanical Filtration - The skimmerfilter protects and extends the life of your pump, providing a place to conceal ugly equipment and plumbing. When used with a biological filtration system, the skimmer prefilters debris allowing your filter to work more efficiently.

The skimmerfilter's super strong injection molded housing and cylindrical design resists warping and compaction in the ground, winning the approval of landscape and irrigation professionals everywhere. The SS0000 is large enough to accommodate a large submersible pump or two medium size pumps. The Savio Skimmerfilter® works as a Complete Filtration Solution for ponds up to 1,000 gallons (or use with a Savio Livingponds Filter for larger water features and still enjoy the same clean, clear water).

Three faceplate assemblies are available to accommodate a variety of pump sizes.


SS000 Skimmerfilter with 6" faceplate $629.98 


SS000 Skimmerfilter with 8 1/2" faceplate $629.98


SS000 Skimmerfilter with 16" faceplate $629.98




Compact Skimmer Filter

Although compact in size compared to the larger Skimmerfilter®, it still boasts the same durable, injection-molded housing that has won the acclaim of landscape professionals everywhere. Like the Skimmerfilter®, this all-in-one approach eliminates the need for extra plumbing and equipment, while reducing plumbing.

Two faceplate assemblies are available to accommodate a variety of pump sizes.

CS0000 Compact Skimmer Filter with 6" faceplate  $479.98


CS0000 Compact Skimmer Filter with 8" faceplate  $479.98



Savio UVinex® System

2nd Generation UV Clarifier is the product of nearly 2 years of R&D.
Introducing the latest breakthrough in clear water technology - UVinex®. Safe chemical free algae control in a sleek, new design exclusive to Savio®. Coated bulb technology does away with fragile glass sleeves and is virtually maintenance free - simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to restore full effectiveness. 

UVs are sized according to the gallons in your pond. To operate most effectively, run the total volume of pond water past the UVinex every two hours:

26 and 50 Watt UVinex For Full-Size Skimmerfilters:®

#SUV026 Up to 3,000 gallons use the 26 Watt UVinex®. Maximum pump flow 2,500 GPH. $ 349.00


#SUV050 Up to 5,000 gallons use the 50 Watt UVinex®. Maximum pump flow 4,750 GPH. $499.00